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Why Buy Cinco De Mayo Shirts

On the fence about purchasing Cinco De Mayo T-Shirts?

It’s understandable that money is tight in 2021 as we are still facing a pandemic in our country and dealing with Social Distancing guidelines. However, now is the exact time you need to purchase Cinco De Mayo shirts to promote your restaurant.

Not only do people love getting the shirts each year, they are a walking billboard for your business!

Don’t fall into the idea that you have to give the shirts away for free. Many restaurants say they can’t afford to give away the shirts, but the savvy business owners are selling their Cinco De Mayo T-Shirts for a profit!

People are eager to help local businesses right now, and purchasing a Cinco De Mayo t-shirt from you for $10 is an easy way to help. Even if you sell the Cinco De Mayo shirts just over your cost, it’s still free advertising for your restaurant.

At our bright colorful shirts hold up all year and people will continue to wear them over and over.

Unlike some shops we screen print all of our Cinco De Mayo T-Shirts. We do not offer vinyl which will peel or chip over time. Our high quality shirts look just as good in person as they do on our website. If you haven’t purchased from us before, give us a shot. We are confident you’ll come back year after year once you have experienced our quality.

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